Meet the Flock!

Kari – B&G Macaw (13)

Favorite Food: Almonds

Best Toy: Hard Plastics (Dice, Rings)

My name was Dakari until I surprised my previous humans with an egg! Then they called me Ma’.

After arriving at the Ranch Ma didn’t seem to fit right. Using my old name I am now named Kari!

I am blind in one eye and one wing wont fully extend but I get time in the sun here at the ranch and love waving at people but don’t take that as an invitation to be touched.

Wahhh Wahh” – Kari

Buddy – Sun Conure (13)

Favorite Food: Soft Chop

Best Toy: Wood pirches

My name is Buddy and I came to the Ranch from St Augustine, Florida! My previous Human past away. But I found love at the ranch.

I spend my days out with the other birds. But since I am new at the Ranch I spend my nights inside.

I am working on getting wing strength. I like being on others shoulders and am pretty quiet for a Sun!

I Just want to hide in your shirt – Buddy

Quinn – Harley-Gold (4)

Favorite Food: Walnut

Best Toy: Wood blocks

My name is Quinn and I am a harleyquinn and b&g hybrid which is also called a Harley-Gold. I recently came to the Ranch to visit but found my forever home here instead! I love it here at the ranch.

I spend my days out with Lily and the other birds yelling at the trail people who pass behind the Ranch and chew as much wood toys as I can!

I am a very curious macaw who loves to explore and see new things.

More wood please! – Quinn

Jinx – Green Cheek Conure (3.5)

Favorite Food: Sunflower seeds

Best Toy: Bells

My name is Jinx and I am came to the Ranch from Jacksonville from a family who loved me but just didn’t understand me. I overpreen my feathers because of habbit but I’m getting better at playing with toys instead. Hopefully when all my new feathers come in, you’ll see just how much happier I have become.

I spend my days out in the aviary trying to play with the other birds but I am still a bit nervous so I keep them at bay. I spend my nights inside with Buddy so he’s not alone.

I am a feisty little bird with a strong attitude. Watch out, my beak is sharp!

I’m a big bird! – Jinx

Lily – B&G Macaw (4)

Favorite Food: Shelled nuts

Best Toy: Cardboard

My name is Lily and I am came to the Ranch to visit with Quinn but we found our forever home here instead!

I spend most of my time near Quinn because I am very bonded to her and I get nervous when she’s out of sight. I love to chew anything I can reach but I have trouble cracking my nuts so I let Quinn do it for me and then steal it back!

I am shy macaw that just needs a little time to show my true personality.

Where’s Quinn?!?! – Lily

Jack – B&G Macaw (9)

Favorite Food: Pistachios

Best Toy: My human

My name is Jack and I found my humans last year after already having two homes. I only like my human but I do like attention from everyone else!

Because I am harness trained, I get to explore more of the ranch and see new places. I sometimes even visit the beach!

I spend my days yelling “Hello!” to everyone walking the trail and they even say hello back! I like to stay up late to hang with my human when the others go to bed early.

“HELLO!!!” – Jack

Nixie – Sun Conure (3)

Favorite Food: Pistachios

Best Toy: Aviary (To fly!)

My name is Nixie and my humans found me at just 6 weeks old. My mommy brought me home to hand fed me because we just couldn’t wait any longer!

I am harness trained and go out often with my mom on adventures! When I go out, unlike my brother Jack, I like people and enjoy being able to be held and pet by others, especially kids!

I spend my days flying in the aviary and hanging out with my flock (human and feathered). I love to fly!!!

Kids!! Kids!! – Nixie

Marble – Cockatiel (3)

Favorite Food: Corn

Best Toy: String

My name is Marble and my humans found me at just 3 months old. My tail feathers were broken which made me fall a lot but eventually they grew back and I learned to fly!

I spend my days preening, eating and singing to my flock.

Right now I have a very important task, my mate and I have eggs! We take turns sitting on the eggs and I also must protect our nest!

“Pretty birdie! Peekaboo!” – Marble

Zumi – Cockatiel (3)

Favorite Food: Millet

Best Toy: String

My name is Zumi and my humans found me at 6 months old. I am untamed and do not like being handled.

My mate is my preferred company but I hang out with Nixie sometimes too!

I spend most of my days in the aviary but right now I’m sitting on my first clutch of eggs! My mate helps by sitting on the eggs and protecting our nest.

Wheres Marble?! – Zumi